2024 Ontario BJJ Tournament Schedule

Welcome to our 2024 Ontario BJJ Tournament Schedule page!

Are you a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) enthusiast looking to compete and showcase your skills in Ontario (or Québec)? Look no further! Our comprehensive BJJ tournament schedule for the year is here to help you plan your competition calendar and stay ahead of the game.

We've sourced information on BJJ tournaments and Jiu-Jitsu competitions happening throughout the year from OJA, OGA, and Ontario Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments. The BJJ tournament schedule features a wide range of events, including gi and no-gi competitions, regional and national championships, and prestigious international tournaments. 

We understand the importance of accurate and timely information, and we strive to keep our tournament schedule constantly updated. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the accurate details so you can plan your participation in advance.

Why compete in BJJ tournaments? Not only do they offer an opportunity to test your skills against fellow practitioners from different gyms and regions, but they also provide a platform to challenge yourself, set goals, and improve your technique. BJJ tournaments are also a great way to build camaraderie, make new friends, and become part of the thriving BJJ community.

So, bookmark this page, mark your calendars, and get ready to compete in this year's BJJ tournaments and Jiu-Jitsu competitions!


Date Event City GI / NO GI Sanctioned By:
Feb 17, 2024 Ottawa Open Spring Ottawa GI OJA
Feb 17, 2024 Submission Arts United - Montreal Montreal BOTH QFBJJ
Mar 2, 2024 Nextgen Niagara Niagara Falls BOTH OJA
Mar 9, 2024 Lutando Series Toronto BOTH OGA
Mar 16, 2024 Godai-Grapple 4 Gold Charity Tournament Vaughan BOTH OJA
Mar 30, 2024 ASG Open-Lansdowne Ottawa BOTH OGA
Apr 13, 2024 Budo Open Spring Sudbury BOTH OJA
Apr 27, 2024 Mastermind Cup Hawkesbury BOTH OJA
May 4, 2024 Ontario International Open Oshawa GI OJA
May 11, 2024 SAU - Ottawa Ottawa BOTH OGA
May 18, 2024 Soco Open Toronto NOGI OGA
May 25, 2024 Northern Grappling Championships Sault Ste. Marie BOTH OGA
May 25, 2024 Windsor BJJ Open Windsor BOTH OJA
May 26, 2024 SAU - Toronto Toronto BOTH OGA
Jun 8, 2024 Kids Jiu Jitsu Festival Brampton GI OJA
Jun 8, 2024 GTA Classic Novice (Dbl Elim) Brampton GI OJA
Jun 9, 2024 National Championships Brampton GI OJA
Jun 15, 2024 Barrie BJJ Open Barrie GI OJA
Jun 22, 2024 Oss Jiu Jitsu Open Ottawa GI OJA
Jun 22, 2024 Submission Arts United - Montreal Montreal BOTH QFBJJ
Jul 6, 2024 Canadian National Grappling Championships Ottawa BOTH OGA
Jul 6, 2024 SAU - Kids Tournament Ottawa BOTH OGA
Jul 13, 2024 Nextgen Toronto Woodbridge BOTH OJA
Jul 27, 2024 Oshawa Open Whitby BOTH OJA
Aug 10, 2024 Great Lakes Open Niagara BOTH OJA
Aug 17, 2024 Budo Open Sudbury BOTH OJA
Aug 31, 2024 Lutando Series Toronto BOTH OGA
Sep 7, 2024 Nadaam Mongolian Grappling Toronto Toronto BOTH OGA
Sep 7, 2024 GTA BJJ Classic Brampton GI OJA
Sep 14, 2024 IBJJF Toronto Open Woodbridge BOTH OJA
Sep 28, 2024 Peterborough BJJ Open Peterboro GI OJA
Sep 28, 2024 SAU - Quebec Provincial Championships Montreal BOTH QFBJJ
Sep 29, 2024 SAU - Toronto Toronto BOTH OGA
Oct 5, 2024 London BJJ Open London BOTH OJA
Oct 12, 2024 Submission Arts United - Kids Tournament Montreal BOTH QFBJJ
Oct 19, 2024 Ace Cup/Ontario Open Nogi Whitby BOTH OJA
Oct 26, 2024 Ottawa Open Fall Ottawa GI OJA
Oct 29, 2024 ASG Open - Toronto Toronto BOTH OGA
Oct 29, 2024 ASG Pankration "Light Striking" Open - Toronto Toronto BOTH OGA
Nov 2, 2024 Toronto Police Services Charity Roll A Thon Toronto BOTH OJA
Nov 9, 2024 Godai BJJ Open Whitby BOTH OJA
Nov 23, 2024 Soco Open Toronto NOGI OGA
Nov 30, 2024 SAU - Canadian Eastern Championship Ottawa BOTH OGA
Dec 7, 2024 Provincial Championships Markham GI OJA